Battle games reign supreme in the Android app store, and one of the fastest-growing is called Player Unknown Battle Grounds, or PuBG. It’s a fun game with plenty of action.

What is PuBG?

If you want hours of exciting battle play, then you want PuBG. Designed for mobile gameplay, your goal is, quite simply, to survive and to help you along the way. There are tons of cool features:

  • Fabulous, designed for mobile, high-resolution graphics – full HD
  • Play alone, join a duo or a 4-person squad
  • Play Zombie or Deathmatch modes
  • Customize your game controls
  • Top-quality 3D sound
  • Connect with other players using voice chat
  • Hone your skills in Training Mode
  • Cover multiple terrains
  • Maps have a night/day cycle and dynamic weather
  • Realistic behavior for weapons and ballistics
  • Choose between first-person or third-person mode
  • Chose from hundreds of weapons and vehicles
  • Take part in daily and weekly events and challenges

PuBG is a free game to play on your Android device, and you can have a ton of fun with it. But, there are in-app purchases and a subscription option of $0.99 per week that gives you access to all the features.

Want to remove the temptation? The password protects your in-app purchases by opening Settings > User Controls > Set Pin/Password. Input your Pin or password and go back to user controls; enable the option to use your pin or password with in-app purchases.

How to Download PuBG:

PuBG is an Android game and can only be downloaded from the Play Store. Find PuBG in the store and tap it or tap the link below that takes you straight to it. Then just tap Download when the app page loads:

Download on Android

PuBG is currently racing ahead as one of the more popular battle games for mobile devices, overtaking some of the bigger named games. It is highly addictive and promises hours upon hours of fun.

Get PuBG on your Android device today and join millions of players as they battle to the very end. There are plenty of cool features in the free game, but you do have the option of subscribing if you want that extra competitive edge.

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