Spotify is the largest and most popular music streaming app in the world. 

Spotify Student Discount:

If you are a student who is enrolled at any university or college ( must be accredited ), you can get a significant discounton the price of a premium subscription. Spotify is offering it at just $5 per month, renewable up to a maximum of 3 times on a yearly basis and they are giving free subscriptions to Showtime and Hulu, a package that would otherwise set you back $19 a month.


  • Unlimited streaming
  • Largest music library in the world
  • Works on iOS and Android as well as desktop
  • Social networking tools
  • Offline mode
  • Choose from several plans
  • Free premium plan trial
  • User-friendly


  • Unlimited streaming on the free plan is limited to 6 months
  • Free version is ad-supported
  • DRM-free music can’t be directly purchased in the US
  • Radio facility is only on the European version
  • Must be online for the free version
  • In the US, premium trials are invite-only

How to Download Spotify:

Android APK Download

With the free version, you do get access to more than 35 million tracks for unlimited streaming, but that’s only for 6 months – then it drops. Some songs have ads between them but these are minimal, and that is a small price to pay for music at your fingertips for free. And you get the choice of mobile and web apps.

Spotify Subscription Benefits:

For just $10 a month you can get rid of the ads and have no limits on tracks ever. You don’t have to be connected to the internet to listen, and you also get the benefit of using home stereo systems to stream your music too. Downloads are much faster, and you get access to some great exclusive content.

If you don’t want a monthly subscription and are not bothered by the restrictions or the ads, then go for the free one. If you wish to unlimited streaming, faster downloads, the ability to listen offline and no limits, then Spotify Premium is most definitely worth it – for the price of one album per month, you get 35 million+ tracks.