There is no argument that Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, but not everyone has played it, and not everyone knows what it is about.

It is one of the simplest games in terms of graphics, and the game premise itself is simple – survive against all the odds. It was a Windows-only game at one time, but now you can play it on iOS and Android with a version called Minecraft PE ( Pocket Edition ). 

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a 3D game of simple blocks. The premise is simple – you start out in the middle of nowhere and have one job – to survive. But it’s more fun than that. Exploration of your surrounding area can yield treasures beyond your wildest dreams. Explore forests, rivers, mines, caves, and more to find resources to build a home with, to craft weapons and armor to fight the many monsters that appear when the sun goes down. Raise crops and animals, play alone, or play with others; the choice is yours, along with the choice of several game modes.

How to Download Minecraft:

Android APK Download

There is nothing complicated about downloading Minecraft – just head to the app store for your platform and download it, or click on one of the links to go straight there. Don’t expect to get it for free, though:

Minecraft PC vs. Minecraft PE:

Minecraft comes in more than one flavor, and several versions are available on both desktop and mobile platforms. The question is, which one do you go for? Well, that’s down to your preference – the desktop version requires you to sit at your computer while the mobile version lets you play where you want, when you want.

  • Regarding gameplay, both games are much the same, but the PE version offers a more child-friendly game. Parental controls are much stronger, and joining a multiplayer game can only be done through invitation.
  • Another difference between them lies in the third-party integrations. With PC, connections to third-party servers and third-party mod integrations are possible; you can’t do that with PE – you do get a series of in-app purchase options for skins and resources, though.
  • And playing multiplayer games can be done cross-platform too. Play on an Android or an iOS device, and you can play with those on desktop versions. So, while there are a few differences, the gameplay is pretty much identical, and it’s down to personal choice as to which one you play.

Minecraft Features:

Minecraft offers players plenty of features to enjoy:

  • Simple, blocky, fun
  • Use your creative side to build your world
  • Choose from several platforms
  • Play three different game modes – Creative, Survival, Adventure
  • Interact with other players
  • Fight to survive against Endermen, Zombies, Skeletons, and other evil monsters.
  • Create your own weapons and armor
  • Build traps and tools
  • Raise crops and animals
  • Loads more

Grab your copy of Minecraft today and join in hours of adventure and fun. 

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